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 Curtis Williams is a premier sports performance coach in New York City and nationwide. He was an active player in the NFL signing as a Free Agent to the Baltimore Ravens in 2005.  Curtis is now the owner of Team Training C.A.M.P, a fitness company that provides personal training and group fitness located in New York City.  He works with a wide range of athletes as well as clientele simply looking to improve their health and fitness.  Curtis is presently a member of the Under Armour Performance Training Council, a panel of some of the most influential sports performance trainers across the country. Coach Williams has over 5 years in the sports performance field to add to his resume as an NFL athlete and the first Director of Strength & Conditioning at New York University. (2012)
Certified as a Performance Enhancement Specialist by the National Association of Sports Medicine Curtis is committed to the functional approach to training, where he focuses on training movement, not body parts.  He coaches with a proven system that trains athletes systematically to enhance their athleticism; to build an athlete who is stronger, quicker, more agile, and less prone to injury. Regardless of ability level each athlete will be coached and educated on all aspects of their training to understand the intent of what they are trying to accomplish with each session, not just told what to do. Curtis provides a positive, high energy environment that empowers clients to reach their full potential. 
Training C.A.M.P. Strength & Conditioning Workout at Velocity Sports!
​This Training C.A.M.P. workout is an authentic comprehensive Strength and Conditioning workout that will introduce you to the training world of the collegiate and professional athlete. There will be weights thrown around, powdered chalk flying, athletes digging every step to get faster, a lot of sweat and maybe a little blood and tears too! The atmosphere will be like any pro/collegiate athletic facility across the country with everyone motivating each other with one common goal...to get better! Whether you want to learn new dynamic ways to train for performance or get in great shape this program is for YOU!